About Me



Life began in a small family of nine at Suame, a suburb of Kumasi, the Garden City of Ghana in West Africa. Things were very smooth in the beginning but got tougher as we grew up. The usual adage which states that “together we stand, divided we fall” proved true in our case. All seven siblings have been supportive to each other and have thrived in the stormy periods we faced.

I was born some day in April 1981. Life has been brighter as I grew up to know my Creator, Jehovah God and served him faithfully till now. He has proven to be so kind and loving towards me.

Life gets interesting as you meet different people with differing attitudes and humour.  One of such characters is Collins Acheampong (aka Gbeeyiwa) whom I met at class 2. He gave me a name that has stuck with me no matter how hard I have tried to run away from it… Well some teachers even called me by that name (Aguzu) at Senior High School.

At Senior High School, I met my life time friend, Albert Yaw Opoku. He has really been a good influence in my life.



I was late to attend school. I loved being with my mum but I was forced to attend school when all in the vicinity were becoming concerned. I had no crèche, pre-school or nursery school experience. I began my schooling at class one (1) in a school called Pentecost International. I latter attended Cocoa Ase Primary, State Experimental Primary B and then Wesley College Demonstration JSS.

My Senior High education was at Kumasi Anglican Senior Secondary School where I read Business Education. It was fun being at Super KASS!

I got my Bachelor of Arts in Information Studies from University of Ghana, Legon. I was affiliated to Akuafo Hall- A proud Farmer.


I have worked with the following organisations;


I have loved travelling. I wish and love to see places, people and events. I am a talkative among friends but very very reserved and quiet among people I am not close to.