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About Gideon

Business Developer

Gideon Brefo, co-founder of Hapaweb Solutions and hapaSpace Innovation Hub, drives innovation in Ghana. CEO of hapaSpace, he led Ghana Hubs network, organized nationwide policy hackathons, and orchestrated international summits. A British Council-certified educator, he empowered teachers and girls. His digital proficiency, research contributions, and mentoring amplify his impact.

My Story

How I Got Started

Gideon is a serial entrepreneur who started his entrepreneurial journey early in life. He was born and raised in Kumasi, Ghana, an entrepreneurial city. His parents were both business owners, so he was exposed to the world of business from a young age.

It is clear that Gideon has a natural talent for business. When Gideon was a toddler, he started selling old newspapers and kerosene to households. In senior high school, he used to run out of the boarding house to the market to buy pens and books to sell to his classmates. At the University of Ghana, he and his friend Albert Opoku sold computers, eggs, and men’s wear.

After graduating from university, Gideon worked with the British Council for two years. Five years after graduating, he started Hapaweb Solutions with Albert Opoku and Benjamin Nimako.

Gideon is also a passionate advocate for the startup ecosystem. He has been leading hapaSpace Innovation Hub for the past 7 years, where he helps other entrepreneurs to launch and grow their businesses. He also trains entrepreneurs for the British Council and consults for other businesses.

Gideon’s entrepreneurial journey has been successful, but it has not been without its challenges. He has faced challenges such as raising capital, finding customers, and building a team. However, he has persevered through these challenges and has built successful businesses in a variety of industries.

Gideon’s story is an inspiration to entrepreneurs everywhere. It shows that it is possible to start a successful business, even if you come from humble beginnings. Gideon’s passion for entrepreneurship and his willingness to take risks have made him a successful entrepreneur and a role model for others.

"The way to success is persistence and open-mindedness."

Gideon Brefo

What I Do

Projects Involved

Gideon is involved in a number of projects in Ghana, across Africa and Europe. Find some of his projects as listed on the side.

Get In Touch

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Some projects Gideon is Involved In

  • AfriConEU
  • SEAD
  • NEIP Hubs Capacity Building
  • SmartWoman
  • British Council Connecting Classroom 

My Bio

Gideon Brefo, a visionary co-founder of Hapaweb Solutions and hapaSpace Innovation Hub, is a prominent figure in Ghana’s entrepreneurial, educational, and digital domains. Currently heading hapaSpace as CEO, he champions startup growth and innovation. As the second Chairperson of Ghana Hubs network (GHN), he led the impactful “25 Days of WOW,” conducting policy hackathons across Ghana’s regions on entrepreneurship policy, shaping the proposed startup bill. Internationally, Gideon orchestrated the German African Entrepreneurship Summit (GAES), drawing 170+ hubs and startups to Accra.

Gideon’s educational contributions are remarkable. As a certified British Council trainer, he equipped over 1000 teachers with essential skills, including a notable project, Code4Girls, training senior high school girls. He also participated in a British Council-led digital series addressing teaching challenges during COVID-19. Gideon’s digital proficiency is evident through his web development work and Google certification.

His research with GIZ and KAS delved into Ghana’s digital and hubs ecosystem, elevating his influence in research-driven initiatives. A fervent mentor, he empowers startups, aligning with his dedication to innovation. Gideon’s extensive travel, chronicled in his writings, adds a global dimension to his perspective. Overall, Gideon Brefo’s multi-faceted leadership and innovation in entrepreneurship, education, and research are propelling positive transformations in Ghana and beyond.