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How have i influenced you?

Philipina Appiah | CEO | Yazyki Learning Centre

Our relationship has impacted my life in many ways.

With regards to my work, you have given me many wonderful ideas and actually assisted me to fine tune my thoughts and make my plans a reality. You have also opened my eyes and mind to a whole new world of possibilities when it comes to what I can do. You encourage me to take steps I otherwise would not. Because of you I think differently now, I see opportunities in every situation.

Overall you have made my life a better one and I am so glad I met you.

Ben Nimako | Co Founder | HapaSpace

Call it a get it done attitude. I have watched your readiness and practical approach to get decisions we reach executed and fully accomplished with great delight. From the establishment of Hapaweb and HapaSpace with its many communities that are vibrantly active to executing projects supported by foreign external donors with its rigorous assessments. You have led and distinguished yourself both as a valuable team player to a sole executioner with several instances to your belt. Above all your love for youths and their success in their entrepreneural journey is infectious and makes me proud to be associated with you. So i have seen you get it done with such agility and appealing gait, I am inspired whenever i am in the forefront of execution to do similarly.

Derrick Agyei | Musical Artist | Derrickmusic

Well we met for the first time at a poetry/spokenwords event called “Nkiruka” which was held at your work premesis, i was a lone wolf musical artist who was supposed to perform with his guitar just two songs, of which i later ended up performing almost the whole night with the star performer herself “Menaye”, who happens to be the spokenword artist. My performance that night was so impressive that you took my number and told me you will invite me for more of the activities that will be held and i gladly took that offer.

The second time we met was at your wedding where i was supposed to come perform but, couldnt get there in time to do so but, you told me u wanted to help me in my career so we where set to talk later after your return from your hunnymoon.

The third time we met was at an activity being held at Alliance frances, of which i was to perform and as usual did a great job there, and as u were leaving the activity you asked me to come by your office for a discussion on Monday. So, i came to your office on a hot late afternoon, to my surprise, you asked if i will be willing to work with you and a team of entrepreneurs to become my management team. I boldly agreed seeing that it will take me to the next level. Now as i speak i am a musical artist with the founder of hapaspace and been privileged to release my first major single with a video(link below):…..
Its in oooh….
Like, comment, share and subscribe to the youtube channel…. Derrickmusic to the world 🌎❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💃🏼🕺🏽💃🏼🕺🏽🎸🎼✌🏾
Facebook:derrickmusic agyei
Twitter: derrickmusic
Youtube: Derrickmusic

And all these is thanks to Mr. Gideon Brefo of hapaspace, now i can easily say my career is running smoothly as expected and way more to come.

Emmanuel MARFO |  |

1. Sharing works with me makes my work easier
2. Always an inspiration to me
3. Motivation from the sharing your experiences
4. Making me feel am with a peer mentor

Naomi Kokuro | Social entrepreneur | EMB Ahenfie

your relationship has been enormous
Right from 2017 when i had to make a decision about resigning, the coaching, then me forcing you to be a partner 🤣 which you did and have been pushing me forward. Candid discussions and how you even go about it is awesome.

Jehova bless you

Josephine Edu | Project Manager | HapaSpace

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with you. I have learned a lot from you not just about the ecosystem but about leadership. My confidence about my role is because you believe in me and you trust the potentials in me. You don’t hesitate to give me exposure to new opportunities. I admire your professionalism. I recently realized that every other day you come to the office, you unconsciously teach me something new. I’m always inspired by your communication skills, how you speak with clarity and on point. I have more to learn from you and I know you are willing to teach me.

Michael Tenu | Web Applications Developer |

My relationship with Mr. Brefo has opened me up to seeing the social good of opportunities and also helped in developing my skills as a web developer and freelance ICT trainer. His nuggets of advice and guidance has shaped my thought process in more positive light and I am thankful to him and all who through him have in a way or the other impacted my life. God richly bless you Mr. Brefo.

Brian Dzansi | CEO | Ho Node Hub

In a era when shady deals are the norm, you distinguished yourself as a leader with integrity. You lead the Ghana Hubs Network with selflessness and financial integrity. That’s inspiring.

Emmanuel Ohene-Darko | Training Facilitator | Corporate Advantage Ghana

My Association with you and HapaSpace has helped me to know and build Strategic Friendship with other members of the ecosystem
i have learnt a few Lessons in my service deliveries

Maxwell Agbenyegah | Graphic Artist | Divine Innovations

Mr. Gideon Brefo of HapaSpace was my facilitator in Digital Jobs Africa a program which was held by the British Council. His personality has really helped me to become who I am today.
The way he encouraged me when I taught I couldn’t do what I am doing now because I taught Graphic design doesn’t sell well in the market. He made sure to introduce to me various platforms which I can say I am proud of today.
He is very open and I can still reach him anytime I need him. A very generous soul.

Maxwell Agbenyegah | Graphic Artist | Divine Innovations

Mr. Gideon Brefo of HapaSpace was my facilitator in Digital Jobs Africa a program which was held by the British Council. His personality has really helped me to become who I am today.
The way he encouraged me when I taught I couldn’t do what I am doing now because I taught Graphic design doesn’t sell well in the market. He made sure to introduce to me various platforms which I can say I am proud of today.
He is very open and I can still reach him anytime I need him. A very generous soul.

Emmanuella Hagan | Student | Tertiary

Leadership style,Over the past few years I’ve known you,I’ve always strived to become that Responsible ,Knowledgeable and ambitious leader you’re. That I CAN DO IT spirit from you keeps me going it’s just amazing to always listen to your advice,and how you make time to listen to your younger pals like us is just a bonus,making it easier to communicate our problems with you.Thank you Gideon, and God bless you.

Simeon Martey | Director | Developers Academy

My first encounter with Gideon was in Tamale. He is an excellent leader with a deep insight in organisational management and coaching. I see him as a seriel enterpreneur with huge experience and always ready to share

Abdul-Kawiyu Zakariyao | General Manager | Hub Upper West

As for me, Gideon is a senior brother.
And one of the greatest impact a good brother can have on his younger ones is being a good example.
Your respect for people
Your willingness to always be of help
Your sence of initiative
And the sincerity with which you approach these qualities is worth emulating

Rita Krampah | Corporate Trainer | Hapaspace

You have impacted me a great deal with your professionalism .You have challenged me to take up roles and projects that I was scared to and have supported me on my succes journey. For example ; you made me coached and mentor start ups in Agro and recycling business to learn more and expand my knowledge and skills beyond customer services. I am forever grateful.

Mohamed Hemoh | Consultant | Self Employed

I believe the most impactful influences are the ones with an aura of subtilty, grace and humility. This has certainly being the case with Gideon’s and the impact he has had on my professional life. Through watching him exhibit the true nature of his character like a sponge I’ve absorb and inhibit the above character traits hence enabling me to perform and grow professional.

Isaac Owusu Ansah | Deputy Director of Finance | Kumasi Technical University

You are an embodiment of determination and hardworking. You are deliberate about the things you do and very focused . And I learn something new in IT and entrepreneurship anytime we meet.

Gideon Ofori Osabutey | Advisor | GIZ

Genuineness! I feel your authenticity shines through your human relations; you’re a good listener, and often willing to help if you can. You have warmth presence that adds to a positive work climate; there is magic in your voice:). Curious to see enraged Brefo though, fingers crossed, lol.

Evans Mensah | Social Media expect |

You are a humble man with excellent human relation. Very respectful and warm to all who come around you. Before I met you, all I wanted to become was a photographer. But after our one on one conversation, I got the courage to venture into new fields. We met in 2017 and thanks to your advice, I have studied social media marketing, website developing and copywriting. You helped me realize that I can only be limited by my imaginations. Thank you Sir Gid.

Courage ASASE | MD | Ho Node

I am particularly impressed with your character of integrity and selflessness. In an industry where everyone is busily fighting for personal gains and glory, I see you as someone who is benevolent to the cause of others.

I also admire that you are approachable and a good teacher.

Keep up the good work.

Clement Aggrey | Web Developer | Systech Engineering and Equipment Services Limited

I took my career path in IT field because of Mr. Gideon Brefo.
Mr Gideon! you have truly and indeed put smiles on my face forever.
He wasn’t just my tutor but a friend, my motivator and everything. Meeting such a personality like you at British Council was all that I needed at that time.
I was never afraid to ask a question because I knew he’d explain it to my understanding and never make me feel stupid.
He introduced me to so many things and keep motivating me to push harder because I can do it.
Mr Gideon Brefo you deserve all good and wealth in this world, because you love others as yourself and you always help and support.

Maëlle Prosper | Teacher | Alliance française

On a professional aspect, you have this quiet will and determination of pursuing your goals no matter what that I find truly inspiring.
On a personal aspect, you are kind, open minded and an excellent listener!

E NanaAma Bampoh | Administrator | Amandi

I met you at the beginning of my career and am most grateful for your impact!
You believed in me and cheered me on. I looked up to you and I still do.
You’re not judgemental and you gave me hope to push on when I needed it most.

Professor Brefo you deserve all the accolades but most importantly God bless you for us all.
British Council 2016 cohort is forever indebted to you.

Albert Opoku | Co-founder | Hapaweb Solutions

Gideon and I meet in Senior High School in 1997 and have been close friends since then. Together we have built two successful businesses going through various challenges. There were many times I had wanted to give up, during those times, Gideon was a solid pillar of support and strength, who provided me with the encouragement to persevere and move on. I am very certain I will not have been this successful withouth him as a co-founder. I have seen many co-founers who did not survive 3 years, we have been together for 24 years and he’s as reliable and trustworty today as he was from the very first day.

Philip Agbese | Creative Director | Creative Arts and Visual Imagery Centre Abuja

You have proven to be an excellent team leader with a visionary outlook, always committed to great service delivery and human capacity development. Your relationship with the Creative Arts and Visual Imagery Centre has resulted in placing us as a major player in one of the strongest technology and creative ecosystems across the African continent with outstanding results in building impactful relationships with successful hubs and innovative enterprises across Africa. Your mentorship role has resulted in the successful and financial empowerment of members of our creative community through the training programmes and business coaching we have been privileged to receive from your team and colleagues across the African continent.

Cyrus Osei Assibey | Head of Finance | Jollibee Europe

Gideon is a childhood friend and I have seen him grow into a seasoned entrepreneur. We have shared moments of intense business discussions and I cherish the lessons learnt from them. I admire your resilient efforts to make hapaSpace a success. It spurs me on as I grow my side business as well.

Gideon is visionary leader who gets the best out of his team. Over the years, I have learnt great deal of leadership skills from him

Continue the impact you are making in the lives of the startups you support in Ghana.

Nekesa Were | Innovation catalyst working across Africa |

Gideon is a wonderful friend; always smiling, always warm, always reassuring. Every place I sit with him is a safe space.