May 022014

Try Try Try Again

 The title is an old age used to encourage many not to give up when they failed at a first attempt. It has proven to be as practical today as it was when first uttered. It feels natural and logical to give up on a project or a situation when we smell things are not going to work. But should we be quick to give up?

Failure seems to be part of life even for the most successful individuals. However, we usually cannot imagine that our successful role models failed several times before they became who they are today. Failure does not mean we are not good enough for what we want to do or at least have the potential to succeed. Typical examples of this are Albert Einstein and Michael Jordan- both failed at their initial attempts but rose up to be the best at what they do.

Einstein failed his tertiary entrance exams because he was focused on practical stuff different from the school’s requirement. Jordan could not make it to the school’s team because they thought he was too short for the task. These two worked harder and they are now revered for their achievements.

Do not feel you are too good at what you do to fail! Accept the reasons for your failure and work on them till you succeed. The great ones failed at some point in their lives. Even Bible heroes like David, Moses, Peter and Paul with all their Devine fervors failed severally in their lifetimes.

Apr 022014

Let him who would enjoy a good future waste none of his present by Roger Babson is a popular adage that inspires thought.

Truly, time is an ever-forward moving phenomenon that could not be halted or interrupted. We are able to alter what we do with time but we can never influence the movement of time. Whether we chose to sleep or work all day, a night will pass and a night will come.

What we do with time, however, has everything to do with our future as stated by Babson above. Our future is hopeful or doomed depending on what we are doing with the passing moments. Do not waste any moment in your life!

We could always go back to former things we did wrong and correct them. But remember, that lost moment/time is gone forever. You will have to borrow a moment or time you would have used for something else to correct the the wrong. In a sense, we shall always be a moment behind time with one wrong corrected. In that regard, take time to analyse your steps carefully before undertaking any event.

Time lost is never gained!